Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

In the Field, 7 a.m. Oil on canvas, 8x10, $65.

Yesterday, my dad turned 81. To celebrate, he played golf. How great is that?

Dad has refused to get old. He and his wife have traveled, by car, by plane and, for many years, by bike, throughout the world. They went skiing everywhere. They moved to Tubac, Arizona, a few years ago, returning to New England a couple times a year, to visit and escape the summer heat. In Tubac, they play a lot of golf, are active in the arts community, and go on what sound to me like brutal, daylong hikes. Dad drew cartoons for us when we were kids, and took up painting a few years ago. He makes wonderful watercolors of the people and landscapes of the southwest.

Time has taken some minor tolls on Dad, but they're barely worth mentioning. The fact is that, at 81, he's more active and in better shape than most people half his age.

I suspect that Dad might, at times, rue the fact that two of his three kids are engaged in activities that will never make us financially stable. But it's safe to say that it was his long-held desire to be a writer that sent my siblings and me in that direction.

So, thanks, Dad, for helping us hear the song of the creative life. Enjoy your 81st year!


Unknown said...

Hi Carrie,

Are these your father's paintings? They're lovely. If so, does he showcase them at any of the galleries in Tubac? I have a new guidebook out, Backroads @ Byways of Arizona, that includes a chapter on Tubac, and I'd love to be able to include him in the updates when I get my Web site for the book up and running. Thanks!


carrie jacobson said...

Hi, Jackie - The paintings on The Accidental Artist blog are all done by me, Carrie Jacobson. I'm very glad you like them! I do have some Tubac-area paintings on my blog (look in April and early May) and on my website. Go to, and then to Carrie's paintings, and The Defiance Trip - or just here: