Monday, April 5, 2010

Fire District Beach, April

Fire District Beach, April
Oil on deep-cradled canvas, 12x24, $200. Again, I am having computer issues. If you want to buy this painting, please email me at

It felt like summer yesterday. It was actually hot here! And delightful.

I set up on the Fire District Beach and soaked the sun in. The day was calm, the water a beautiful, shiny blue, and people came and went, with kids, with parents, with dogs. It was wonderful.

The recent storms have pushed sand way up on the beach. A bench that usually is at about knee height is now at ankle height. The sand drops off steeply to the water, 20 feet or so from the high-tide line.

I am not crazy about this painting, and really don't know why I went to the Fire District Beach. The scene intrigues me, I guess that's why, but I've never been able to capture whatever it is that pulls me. But I will continue to try. I think that the shape of the canvas might be one of the issues for me, and next time, I am going to take a 16x20.

Tomorrow, I leave for Baltimore to deliver my paintings to the Schuler School of Fine Arts. I'm going to paint on the way, and spend a day or so on the Eastern Shore, painting! I can hardly wait.

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