Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring in Benedict Park

Spring in Benedict Park
Oil on canvas, 6x18 on deep-sided canvas

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Nancy Reed-Jones (click here to see her website) is an amazing painter, who I met through the Wallkill River School. She works in acrylics, and has the lightest, most delicate touch. Her landscapes glow with soft shadows, tender flowers, gentle hills and skies. For the longest time, I felt like a blundering gorilla when I saw her paintings and thought of my own.

Then she began to buy my work. She was one of my very first collectors, and has more of my paintings than anyone outside of my own family. She said to me one day that she loved my paintings because of the way they made her feel, and she has hung them in her studio where she can see them from her easel.

We had the chance to paint together this past weekend, and while I managed to get a shot of Nancy and the riverbank, I didn't get a picture of her finished painting. But I'll send her a note and see if I can get one.

I really admire Nancy's gentle and careful approach, and while we couldn't have styles that diverge any more than they do, we had a lovely time painting together.

Here is her painting:

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