Friday, April 2, 2010

Wouldn't You?

Wouldn't You?
Oil on canvas, 12x12

Call me at 860-442-0246 or email me
if you are interested in buying this painting

I've had a stretch lately where it feels like my life is flying off in a thousand directions and I'm grabbing after it, snatching at the air as wisps and shards mostly slip through my fingers.

Partly, this is because, suddenly, I have a jillion commitments. So part of it is real. Part of it, though, has come because I've abandoned the discipline that acted as the tent pole in the center of this circus.

So I am back to making and posting a painting every day. And that's what I should do. I am a painter, after all, not a housecleaner, cook, gardener, swimmer or student. I am a painter - and a writer - and I have drifted.

Now, the drifting is over. I have cat paintings to paint, and the horizons are calling me.  Next week, after I deliver my painting to the school in Baltimore, I am going to drive out to the Eastern Shore and paint out there for a day or so. And who knows what I will see on my way? Last year at this time, I was just setting out for Arizona. And again, my eyes and heartbeat quicken, and I long to be gone, seeing something new, painting something new, being reborn again.

Thanks for reading.


patrice said...

This one really cracked me up. I love your titles in general - but, uh, well - who wouldn't??!!

This position is known as "raising the flag" and "hoisting the petard" at my house.

ha ha ha... (and it's a great painting)

Art with Liz said...

Love it Carrie and the title! It reminded me of an old joke of two muddleheaded boxers - the one said to the other wouldn't you like to do that? and the other replied, don't be stupid man, the dog would bite you!