Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blue Point Siamese

Blue Point Siamese
Oil on canvas, 12x12
Contact Contact Lori at Center Framing and Art (860-233-7804) for price and delivery options.

I guess I am a ham, pure and simple. I set up on the sidewalk outside Center Framing and Art in West Hartford, Conn., at 10 a.m., and painted, gabbing and chatting and talking with passersby for five hours today - and I would happily have stayed for a few more hours, but for a commitment for this evening. 

There's really not much that's more fun than painting dogs and cats, on a beautiful, sunny afternoon in an eclectic downtown center while hundreds of people walk along, with dogs and kids and friends in tow. 

It's like downtown the way I remember downtown, vibrant and happening and the center of Saturday's activities. Downtowns haven't been like that for a while, but this one is. People see friends, see folks they haven't see for a while, stroll and window-shop, go out to lunch - it's a downtown full of possibility and engagement and an effusive community spirit.

I plugged in my ipod player, leaned some paintings against the wall of the gallery and got to work. My brother Rand and his daughter Larkin came by, and Rand invited hundreds of his friends, and some of them came by, too, and spent time with all three of us.

And strangers talked to me, watched me paint, asked questions, admired, critiqued. One adorable little girl, Lizzie, helped. She had helped me last week, and I was delighted to see her again, and see the painting courage that had started last week take root and blossom this week. In fact, the painting of the blue-point Siamese at the top of this page was one that Lizzie helped me with last week.

And while I painted, Mike, who works for Lori in the gallery, loaded the front window with my paintings - mostly cats, but a few dogs and one of some wet-looking cows. The window looks great! 

Tonight, my legs are tired, my knees are cranky, but my heart is light and happy - and hammy. 

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