Monday, April 26, 2010

Harvest Home

Harvest Home
Oil on canvas, 8x24


I taught a palette-knife painting class on Sunday at the Wallkill River School in Montgomery, N.Y. I was a little nervous about it, since I'd never taught one, but it was an absolute delight. 

It was a small class, and everyone had time and space to experiment with the knife, and I had time to make this painting. It's a scene I have painted before, in Harpswell, Maine, and is a scene I am likely to paint again. I love the wheatfield, the brillliant white house nestled in the trees, and the glimpse of lawn you can see right around the house. 

While I was at the school, I met one of the women who bought "Range Rovers," one of the very large cow paintings that sold during my March show there. She was just wonderful, and happy as could be with the painting, and told me the story of how the two big cow paintings sold. 

Gail, who bought "Range Rovers," works at the school on Sundays. From the desk where she sits, she could see the painting, and she really loved it. 

A couple from Manhattan came into the school one Sunday during the show, and Gail, bless her, gave them a tour of the show, which was work by Shawn Dell Joyce and myself. Gail told the woman that she was thinking of buying "Range Rovers." 

The woman, who has a second home in the area and is a big supporter of the school, turned to Gail and said, "If you buy that one, I'll buy the other one." 

And so the deal was struck! Then, just to make things happier for all concerned, the man who was with the woman bought one of my paintings, too. 


patrice said...

I really like Harvest Home - and thanks for sharing the story of your cow painting sales!

I'll be thinking of you on Saturday when I do a "hands on" workshop with (Oo-oo) the general public. I'm planning on a collaborative event, but I'll make a few small surfaces available for individuals to try their creativity as well.

carrie jacobson said...

Hey, Patrice, thanks for the note! Wow, a workshop with the general public. That's a little frightening.

I am glad to be home from my voyages. Now to unload!