Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Painting from Alabama, and Dust in New Mexico

Beach Houses, Fort Monroe, Alabama
Oil on canvas, 18x18

I drove and drove Sunday, and finally made it to El Paso, the last big town in Texas. I stopped to have my oil changed, and with a huge smile, left Texas and entered New Mexico. Yay! 
But the wind, which had been pretty strong all day, had kicked up into a huge gale. It was blowing the van all over the road, and blowing sand and dust all over the road and everywhere else, too. 
There was no chance of painting - even driving was tough. So I stopped early, just thankful to be in New Mexico. 
I will get to Tubac today - and probably have time to paint on the way there! 


Scenes from the (dusty) day

Saw a bunch of cows in Texas

This adobe house captured my imagination

The truck stops have some cool stuff for sale


 Dust made it really hard to see, and wind made it really hard to drive

 Dog of the day! Looks tough, but he was sweet. 

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