Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunflowers on the Easel, Canvases in the Living Room, and the Van Packed to Go!

Stefanie's Sunflowers
Oil on canvas, 36x72

In just a few hours on this Saturday morning, I will climb up into the giant van and hit the road for Arizona, on my "To Tubac and Back" painting trip! Whee!

Twenty-two people have sponsored me for 27 10x10 paintings, so I leave with money in my pocket and a challenge ahead of me. That's a lot of paintings! But I've come home from my other trips with more than 40 paintings, and they've generally been bigger than 10x10, so I know I can do it.

I really love knowing that I'm making paintings for these folks:

Kathryn Yamartino
Tiffany Williams
Laurie Cooper
Dov Kugelmass
Pat Hart
Blake Wenz
Maggie Platte
Donald & Paula Cooper
Kristen Singh
Linda Fite
Nancy Russell
Sherry Svec
Heather MacLeod
Susie Zuntini
Mary & Eric Bryson
Ellen Cornelius
Richard & Mari Hook
Candy & Jeff Buebendorf
Mike Vincitore & Rose Dittus
Joe Skelly
Patrick Gallagher
Don Bruce
Lucy Beit

Isn't that great? 

If you haven't sponsored me, don't feel bad! I have all that I can handle - and I know that everyone who follows The Accidental Artist is coming along with me for the ride. I promise tons of paintings and photos from the road for everyone! 


And speaking of tons of paintings... Here's the stack of 10x10s that I prepared for the trip. This is more than twice as many as I need, but you never know. 


And here's the big van, nearly all packed. 

The peg boards not only serve as structures to hold the paintings upright, but also are going to offer me a place to hang wet 10x10s. Cool, huh? And while the van isn't as sweet as the teeny camper, I should be able to sleep there comfortably, at least some of the nights. 

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