Saturday, March 30, 2013

Heading East

Oil on canvas, 12x48

The van right now is full of big, wet paintings, and while my hanging system is working well, it isn't really set up to handle big stuff - and I have some. 

And I have to make some tracks towards home; I am hanging a show in Groton, CT, April 5 - and have to get to Wachapreague first! 

So I wasn't planning on stopping. I wasn't planning on painting. And I really wasn't planning on painting a big piece. 

But I came around a curve in the road, and saw this rock formation spread out in front of me, and realized I was in Ganado, where I was born, and that was enough for me. 

I pulled off the highway, found an easy spot where I could set up, and I painted away. 

I love this piece. I love the mass of the rocks, its easy swell and curve, and the tiny house in the right foreground. And I like the sky pretty well, too. So it was a good stop! 

Here's my painting in the landscape. Because of the glare from the setting sun, it's a little hard to see this long painting AND the long landscape, but it's there if you work it. And just in case, there's the landscape minus the painting, too. 


Scenes from the day
 Here is some of the scenery along Interstate 40, heading toward Albuquerque

 A flower I saw while I was painting 

 More scenery! 

 Leaving Flagstaff, I got off in Meteor Crater, AZ, where there was a fine view of this snow-capped mountain.

A sign near Meteor Crater, AZ

Had to stop at the Trading Post, of course. 

Dog of the Day! 

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