Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunny Wednesday, Gulf Shores

Sunny Wednesday, Gulf Shores
Oil on canvas, 10x10
Tubac Trip painting No. 5

Usually, when I'm on a trip, I'm thinking about getting there. I'm reading the map, following the route, focusing on the destination. 
But on a painting trip, I've realized, I have to focus on wherever I am, and whatever is around me. Not the destination, not the map, not the movement. 
I call Peter several times a day, and if I am having a good painting day, I don't know where I am. 
Still, I have to make forward progress. I do have a destination, and a deadline, and I can't really just hang around, say, Fort Morgan, Alabama, simply because it's beautiful, and I like painting it. 
Overnight, the temperature dropped into the mid-30s, and though I had a sleeping bag, and was sleeping in clothes and socks, it was still cold. 
Even in the morning, it was cold, with a chill wind whipping in off the water. I was wearing two shirts and a denim jacket, and I was cold.
But the kids on spring break, they were out in their bathing suits. 
I guess the point is that it's spring break, and so you put your suit on No Matter What. 
My painting in the landscape 

Scenes from the day

This croc was outside a Cajun shop that, sadly, was closed. 

Fort Morgan was all air and sun and sand. Beautiful! 

These seagulls followed the ferry from Fort Monroe to Dauphin Island, snatching goodies that were tossed to them the entire way. 

 More azaleas! They were everywhere today

Today's dog fix came courtesy of Sanibel the husky, who was happy to greet me. 

 Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the souvenir shop...

 The unpaved roads had me thinking of Emmy Lou Harris's "Red Dirt Girl." 

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