Saturday, March 14, 2009

Doggy Re-do

Pumpkin (top) and Patch, looking much friendlier. Commissioned painting.

Feels like animals have taken over my life -- though that's not a new sensation, here at Chez Jacobson.

The Art for the Animals project to help shelter animals is taking off at pretty close to full speed. The blog you reach when you click on the link ( is already rich with images and stories - and it's only a few days old. I have the feeling this project is going to appeal to lots of people.

In short, Sheila Tajima and I are asking all artists everywhere to paint a painting or two or 12 of animals in their local shelters, and then give the paintings to the shelters. Artists with time or energy could find ways to enlist other artists in the project, and approach newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio stations, anyone and everyone you can think of who could spread the word.

Make the painting, take a picture of it, send the picture to me at, and then donate it to the shelter. The painting need not be large, or framed. Just full of love. I'll post it, along with your contact information, and a story about your experience, if you feel like writing one, at the Art for the Animals blog. There, you'll find directions for shooting and sending jpgs, and a sample letter to send to media contacts.

The dogs in the painting that heads this blog are not shelter dogs. They belong to a friend who works at an assisted-living center. I started this painting at the center a few weeks ago, and my friend wasn't happy with Patch, the lower dog. So I patched up Patch. I like it much better.

Thanks for reading!


James Parker said...

Yes indeed, Carrie, it's taking off...faster than a beagle after a pork chop or a cat on a hot tin skillet. And will accelerate. I asked Sheila this morning if y'all have come up with a little logo "thingie" that could be attached to animal lovers' blogs. I'll be watching and promoting.

carrie jacobson said...

So great to have you on board, James!

Unknown said...

cutie patooties!