Friday, June 19, 2009

Blue Morning

Blue Morning. Oil on stretched canvas, 12x12

It was early, early on a cloudy morning when I saw this painting. I had the dogs out - it wasn't even 6 - and in the dim, rain-soaked shadows, the field behind the house had turned blue.

Every blade of grass, every fringe of hay held tiny droplets of water that soaked up whatever light there was. When Smokey walked through the field, his leash pulled the grasses over, and as they sprang back up, the motion flicked the droplets from them, so it looked like blue smoke following our blue dog through the grass.

It was like that for a thin few moments, just long enough for me to drag the dogs back to the house, find the camera, and take a photo. By the time I got the camera back in the house and got the dogs back outside, the blue had lifted and the field was green again.

What a life!

Thank you for reading.

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