Monday, June 1, 2009

Looking West

Looking Back Toward Patagonia. Oil on deep canvas, 18x18

In the jumble of exhaustion that I brought with me on my trip to Arizona, I got home, unloaded the van and stashed a bunch of paintings in the garage. Last week, back now for a month, I began to go through them, and see what was needed.

Some, of course, I will paint over - but not many! You know, I'm out on the road, I'm making these paintings, and they're coming in a whirl of energy and experimentation. They're building up through excitement and new visions and the challenge and thrill of trying new things - and then I finish, put the painting in the back of the van and head off to my next painting.

I made 45 paintings on this trip. That's a lot. And many of them, yes, share elements. What I saw that excited me really excited me, and I painted it over and over. And yes, they blurred together in my mind, some of them. But no matter. With distance and a little time, they're sorting themselves out.

And this one, I think, is one of the best. I love this painting, the big blue sky, the snow-touched mountains, the gold and red fields rolling off into the distance. This painting takes me back to the West, to a sunny day on a quiet road in this huge and beautiful country.


Michelle with a K said...

You got it! I was just in Patagonia last Wednesday. Boy did you ever capture that view. If I win the lotto, I'm buying this one... beautiful.

Bonnielynn said...

I love the Penn. landscape you did for DSFDF. The bright colors are great !

Bonnielynn said...

I love the Penn. landscape you did for DSFDF. The bright colors are great !

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Michelle and Bonnielynn - How nice to have your thoughts! Michelle, how cool that you were in Patagonia last week. Wow! Wish I'd been there with you. I left a note on your blog about ways to work out stuff so you can own this painting. Also, I have other, smaller, cheaper Patagonia and Sonoita paintings - look in the April archives.

Bonnielynn, thank you so for noticing my DSDF entry. It was fun! I don't often do these, but when I do, I love them, and love looking at other people's work. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog, too!