Thursday, June 18, 2009

Witnessing miracles

Sara. Oil on canvas panel, 5x7, to be donated to the Ledyard, Conn., animal shelter.

While I was painting last Saturday at Pet Supplies Plus in Groton, I saw a miracle.

A woman about my age had come into the store for supplies. She saw my paintings then, and everything else went away.

She came to the table as though she were being pulled there. Her focus narrowed until all she saw was the art, and she went quiet, head down, staring at the paintings. For her, suddenly, the store wasn't there. I wasn't there. Groton wasn't there. Her regular Saturday morning wasn't there. All those daily bits of life were pushed aside by my paintings.

This is the finest moment a painter can have, I think. Watching that woman become entranced by these pieces I had created, that was magic for me. That was a splendor of riches that surpasses everything.

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