Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Wealth of Sun

Riches. Oval canvas, 16 inches at the widest point

It was early in June, or late in May, and weather had moved in. "Oh, a rainy day!," I thought. "I'll go into the basement to paint."

Little did I know that I wouldn't see the sun for weeks.

But I happily went to the basement with this oval canvas to paint a bigger-than-lifesize still life of cut roses. When I brought the painting upstairs, the colors were just hideous. Reds and magentas seem to suffer in the basement light.

The flowers themselves also were hideous. And the composition, well, that was hideous, too.

I scraped them off, let the canvas dry and went at it again.

I really like painting on a round canvas, but it will be a while before I tackle an oval one again.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

LOL... methinks you are a tad too hard on yourself. I do like that you painting your evolved style on this canvas. The curves are nicely complimented by the oval canvas.