Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blue Evening

Otisville Park
Oil on stretched canvas, 6x12

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A couple days ago, after a long day's work on the house here in New York, I treated myself to a dinner of steamed dumplings from the little Chinese place in Otisville.

For reasons I do not understand, we always end up living near good Chinese restaurants. I'd thought our luck would run out here, in Cuddebackville, but lo and behold, there's a wonderful if truly dingy place five minutes from our house.

So I got my dumplings and decided to dine in the car. I pulled up to a new little park just outside of bustling downtown Otisville, and watched the shadows fall.

The dusk gathered among the tree trunks, and spilled out onto the lawn, and soon enough, in the evening's blue quiet, two deer edged out from the woods and ate the newly planted grass.

Last night, when I returned to paint, there were no deer, but the shadows were as blue and as long and as lovely.


Unknown said...

mmmmmmmmmm dumplings... [oops I digress]

I think this is so lovely... a change from your bright and brilliant landscapes but just as fantastic.

carrie jacobson said...

MMMMM dumplings, I agree! Thank you for the comment, Sheila. I really like this one and am thinking of doing it larger. And maybe putting a person in it!