Saturday, July 18, 2009


Indiana Farm
Oil on stretched canvas, 10x10

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I just put some finishing strokes on this painting from my Arizona trip. I have a few more paintings remaining from that journey. Some of these are pieces that I simply didn't finish on the road; others are paintings I thought I didn't like, once I got home.

This painting was one of those. It really paled in comparison to the big canvases, the bold colors, the heavily painted pieces I did in the sunny plains of the Southwest. But I've realized that it has a small, quiet rural charm that I like.

I finally bought a tent, so that I can do outdoor shows. I have hemmed and hawed about this, and at last, I came to understand that it wasn't the expense of buying the tent that was holding me back. It was the potential of rejection. First, rejection from the shows themselves. Second, rejection from buyers.

One thing about what I am doing is that it puts me out there, day in and day out, with no protection other than my full belief that I'm doing something I was put on this earth to do. Most days, that's plenty. Some days, my soul is absolutely naked.

All of you help to protect me. Thank you.

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L.Holm said...

I so know that feeling. Glad you got the tent. It is a naked feeling putting our art "out there"! I think anyone who doesn't feel a bit of stage fright is lying! lol. Your paintings are pure and beautiful and full of soul!