Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zesters, Unite!

Three Years. Oil on canvas, 8x10. Not for sale.

During my life in journalism, I worked at papers all over the country. My dear husband (who, before we met, had lived for 13 years in the same apartment) and I moved again and again and again, as I followed my dream and built my career.

Finally, at the Times Herald-Record, I found a job and a place and people that I loved. Finally, I was done with looking. Finally, I'd landed in the place where I'd stay for the rest of my working life.

Five years later, my job was eliminated and I was sent packing.

Not so long after I was kicked out, others were kicked out, too. Some of them, and others who left of their own accord, have started a weekly online paper, the Zest of Orange (the Times Herald-Record is in Orange County, NY). We have a lovely, fun, scintillating little weekly, with news, art, opinions and a fictional serial written by yours truly.

This was something the late Mike Levine and I cooked up at the Record, as a way to entice readers to open the paper between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a busy time, and readership falls off in many newspapers. Mike and I thought the serial idea would be fun, and we thought it just might work.

It did, and I wrote a handful of serials for the Record, and one for the Kent County Daily Times, while I was the editor there. That one won a Rhode Island Associated Press first-place award for creativity.

So, check it out. Go to the Zest home page, and look around. To find my serial, "The Travels of Zoe, the Wonder Dog," do a search for my name. And enjoy!


Unknown said...

Okay... after going to Zest, I can see a book in your future. Zoe's story needs to be a book, if even for young adults. They LOVE this sort of writing!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Sheila! I've thought about it, but never followed the thoughts with actions. Would your children read this? I need to make some illustrations, I think.