Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally, Summer

Otisville Afternoon
 Oil on stretched canvas, 8x10, sold

At long last, summer has arrived, and I welcome it! I love the yellow light, the long shanks of evenings, the early gentle dawns. I love the heat and the sweat, the birds and the mosquitoes, the smell of the earth finally, finally warming.

It might be too late for most of the vegetables, and for many of the flowers. Oh, sure, we'll get something, but not a regular summer's worth. Still, the roses have loved these cool, wet weeks, and the impatiens have flourished, and here and there, the perennial seeds I planted have begun to poke through.

While I painted this, the sun warmed the grasses and the tips of the trees, and the shadows fell, blue and green on the yellow field, and it was something like a rainbow, splayed along the ground. What heaven.

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Unknown said...

Oh boy, I love this Carrie. Those wonderful palette strokes. You are really coming onto your own with that knife!