Friday, July 31, 2009

If you mis-type 'Pink,' you get 'Oink'

Pinks. Pink I, above, 8x10. Pink II, below.

In a few hours, as soon as I pack the van and finish some straggling details, I leave for Maine, and my solo show at the Denmark Arts Center.

I've spent this week with my head down, working nonstop, framing, framing, framing, and finishing paintings, and ruing the laziness that keeps me from putting those finishing touches - and signatures - on paintings when I paint them.

With this big push, I've finished much of the work for my New York show, too, so that should take some pressure off at the end of the month.

Casey, my talented painting student, was asking me what it's like to have a show. It's draining, nerve-wracking, terrifying and thrilling, all at the same time. It's a delight to see your best work framed and hanging in a space made for art.

But the very best thing, is when someone comes in expecting not to be moved and finds that, in fact, he or she is indeed moved by something I've painted. Something I've made touches something in them - and isn't that what we all are about, when you really come down to it?

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