Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Project Pooch

Yorkie. Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas, 12x12. sold

Sandy, the owner of Center Framing & Art in West Hartford, came up with a great idea when I was painting there on Saturday.

She wants me to make 12 paintings of dogs, all on 121x12 canvases. She'll fill the front window of the gallery with these paintings.

I'm pretty psyched. I love painting landscapes, absolutely love it. But I love painting dogs, too.

Murad Sayen, a wonderful Maine painter, photographer, writer and teacher (check out his website, Shadowchasers) suggested that it's not a great idea to mix pet portraits with landscapes. The gap, apparently, is somewhat akin to the difference between "literature" and "detective novels."

Philistine that I am, I'm as happy with a good detective novel as with a good piece of literature on pretty much any day. Ditto pet paintings and landscapes. Character always shows, I guess!

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