Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Waves!

Hurricane Swells II
Oil on canvas, 16x20,

Call me at 860-442-0246 or email me
if you are interested in buying this painting

Big Swells, Waterford Beach
Oil on canvas, 16x20

Call me at 860-442-0246 or email me
if you are interested in buying this painting

Today was one a real glory day, the kind that makes me just rejoice to be alive and breathing and painting and living in a world that's so spectacular and beautiful and exciting.

The sky spread out, as blue as could be today, the sun beamed clear and bright and clean, and huge, HUGE waves swelled and moved and crashed on Misquamicut Beach.

At 7 in the morning, people were out in droves. There were almost no parking places. People were excited - like me! - and down at the beach with cameras, and friends, and cups of coffee, watching the marvel that is the Atlantic Ocean, on a clear day, with a hurricane off the coast.

Peter counted more than 60 surfers off the end of the jetty at Weekapaug. They were delirious with happiness. It was a blast to watch them, even the ones who weren't so great. But the ones who were great, wow. I've never seen anything like it, not in person, at any rate. They'd get up on the steep, moving side of one of these waves and take off, speeding up and turning like they were skiing. Then, some of them could even get on what seemed to be the very top of the wave, and stay there, speeding along, making it look like they were just standing.

I felt like the paint took me today. I made three paintings in the morning, and one yesterday - I have a little work to do on two of them, still, but these two are ready to be shown. I'm sunburned and windburned, I'm tired - but I'm happy to be alive today.

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