Monday, August 24, 2009

A Mountain of Waves

Hurricane Swells III
Oil on canvas, 8x24

Call me at 860-442-0246 or email me
if you are interested in buying this painting

Here's another painting from Sunday. The waves were honestly this big, this muscled, this powerful. I'm curious to know how much of the beach vanished in the pounding. I'll go back this week and see.

In the meantime, I have a fun day ahead, I think! I am going to Albany to meet and deliver a painting to... Carrie Jacobson.

My email address has a "b" between "carrie" and "jacobson." It's If you miss the "b" - and believe me, people do, even people who are related to me - the email goes to a lovely Carrie Jacobson, who lives in Buffalo, N.Y.

This Carrie Jacobson is a sweet woman. For years now, she has been forwarding email to me. It will suffice to say that while most of this is just run of the mill stuff, some of it - involving my mother and her death - has been intensely personal. Carrie has sent it all along, patiently, kindly, consistently.

She has just bought a house, her first, and decided that she'd like a painting by me to decorate her walls. So she bought one, a large abstract that I love! I am delivering it to her today, along with another one that is a gift. Think of it, two Carrie Jacobsons in one place. How thrilling!


Unknown said...

LOL...I almost pushed the "buy it now" button.... almost an instinctual jump on my part. I love this and Big Waves.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Sheila - I love it, too - but as I look at it, I see some issues. The waves are symetrically spaced - the painting would be better if there was a different space between them. Also, I have painted them at pretty much the same point in their break or curve or whatever you call it. The latter, I can fix pretty easily, I think - make the lower wave break more into foam. The first, I guess I just leave! I really do love these paintings - and am pleased that my understanding of waves is increasing.