Saturday, August 15, 2009

Close Call

Two Trees. Oil on stretched canvas, 20x20

I drove deep into Preston today, hoping to paint sunflower fields I'd seen on an earlier trip, but the sunflowers had already bloomed and drooped. Fooey! (And look at all the "o"s in those sentences.)

This hill is just past those fields, and when you're standing on the road, looking up, it seems that the stone wall and corn beyond are balanced on the very rim of the world. As I was painting, a man pulled up and told me that to him, the scene looks exactly like one of Microsoft's screen savers. I know the one.

The clouds billowed and piled up, up, up into the sky, and for a while, I thought it would rain. I painted quickly - but then the storm seemed to spin away, the clouds thinned and the humid day came back to itself.

As I drove home, I was not even a mile down the road when I saw that the pavement was wet. It had stormed, all right - but not on me.

Sometimes, I remember to be grateful for the small things.

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