Monday, August 17, 2009

More Fog

Two Boats
Oil on stretched canvas, 11x14

Call me at 860-442-0246 or email me
if you are interested in buying this painting

At 7 this morning, the day was oppressive. I stood on Pequot Avenue, watched waves swell and ebb on the silvery river, and I sweated.

And all of New London, it seemed, ran by me.

Is there another town on the face of the earth where early morning exercise is so commonplace? For every three cars that passed me, two exercisers passed. Runners, walkers, bikers, even a Rollerblader passed me. People walked dogs, walked with friends, rode with spouses. Many stopped to talk.

Oddly, it seemed, all these exercisers passed me once, but didn't double back. I guess one thing about New London is that there are many good, circular routes. Cuts down on the boredom, I guess.

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