Monday, August 3, 2009

Opening in Maine!

Here are some images from the opening reception for my show at the Denmark Arts Center.

My paintings - I was able to hang just about 50 pieces - look just wonderful in this old building, with all its wood and warm surfaces. The light is great - partly from the windows, partly from some very serious track lighting. And the building just seems to welcome my colors and frames and the kind of paintings I make.

About 35 people attended the opening over its two-hour span. They were all strangers to me - when they arrived. I feel that when they left, we were friends. What a group of kind, enthusiastic, welcoming people!

I sold two paintings, too. Well, one was bought by my aunt and uncle, and we're still arguing about that (I think it should be a gift). The other was a real sale, and made me very happy. It's one of my paintings of the Kinney Azalea Garden, and it is going to a very good home.

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