Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where is the Quiet?

Along the Ridge. Oil on canvas, 16x20. Sold.

My friend Joyce White met me at the Denmark Arts Center today, to catch up and see my paintings. It was a joyo to spend time with Joyce. She was a freelancer at the Sun Journal when I was the bureau chief there. She'd retired from a job in Massachusetts somewhere, and was here working on the second part of her life - and she was interested in everything.

She had a keen insight into my paintings. She liked them - liked them a lot - and also noticed that, for the most part, they are not quiet. And they aren't. They are boisterous, energetic, even loud paintings - and that's fine. But I like the idea of making some quiet, serene paintings - and so we shall see. It's hard for me to restrain myself - and mostly, I don't want to. But I'd like to make some quiet paintings to round out my portfolio. And I have some ideas.


Liz said...

Dear Carrie,
I just read the feature story Gail wrote about you in the Bridgton News; I get the paper a bit late by mail.

I am sorry for your recent losses; they remind us of past losses, too, so all the worse.

I have "art for family room" on my to-do list today (I just recently bought my first house -- in Augusta); now I know where to get it.

Congratulations on your new life. I know how much courage it took to start it.

Please let Peter know that his little calico, 9 this summer, who he worried would be dominated by my tabby, has ruled the house since she arrived. She would talk constantly, but is so lazy she sleeps most all day.

Please say "hi" to Gail and Joyce for me.

Take care and all the best on your new career.

Liz (Chapman) Mockler

carrie jacobson said...

Oh, Liz, it is so lovely to hear from you! I'm happy to hear that you are well, and the little cat is doing well - her sister is talkative and bossy, too - must be the influence of their dad, because mom is still scared and nearly feral.

So you are in Augusta, and doing what? I'd really like to hear where life has taken you. What surprises, eh? And yes, what losses.

Congratulations on your first house. Wonderful. I hope you like my paintings - it would be a true delight to know that one of them was hanging in your living room.