Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Berkshires Gold

Goldenrod. Oil on canvas, 20x20

Yesterday, I traveled to Albany, N.Y., to meet the other Carrie Jacobson. She was delightful, smart, charming, funny, caring. We met at a Japanese restaurant, had a delicious dinner and a lovely hour and a half of conversation. The impetus for my journey, in addition to meeting her, was to deliver a painting she'd bought, a large abstract, probably the best one I've ever done.

This Carrie Jacobson really came into my life because her email address is very close to mine - mine has a "b" between "carrie" and "jacobson," and hers doesn't. She has patiently and carefully forwarded misaddressed email to me over the years, including a number of quite intimate letters mis-sent after my mother's death.

She recently bought a house, and so now has room for art. My painting is her first purchase, and I am truly honored.

I've thought for a while now about how buying art changes your life. I believe that it does.

When you buy art, you make a decision that changes your environment. And if the work is good, it really does change things. More than giving you just something to look at, it gives you something to contemplate, something that takes you somewhere, something that whispers of possibility or hope or faith.

If the art is good, it grows with you, and continues to take you places. No matter what's happening in your life, right there on the wall is a space of peace or beauty or excitement - whatever the content is, whatever appeals to you, whatever you've bought, and hung and lived with, it engages and transports you - and I am truly honored.

Thanks for reading!


r garriott said...

Hi Carrie with a 'b'-- what a great story. You always have good stories and I enjoy seeing your new paintings. That is really cool that someone by your name now owns one of your paintings.
I've been out of the loop lately but I was sorry to read from your comment on my blog that you don't get as many visitors as you'd like. You certainly deserve more. We'll have to see what we can do about that!

Art with Liz said...

I'm so glad I now have your blog on my blog list Carrie. Can't believe I was missing all this before!

carrie jacobson said...

thanks, Liz! It is so great to hear your enthusiasm. I'm thrilled that you're watching my daily paintings, too.

carrie jacobson said...

And R, thanks for your note, too. The whole Carrie Jacobson thing is just so fascinating to me. Hope I wasn't whining about my blog. I love the people who follow it, and trust that as time goes on, they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends - or it will stay small and intimate. xo

L.Holm said...

What an amazing story! That is so cool. I've been out of the blog circuit for a while, too. Love returning and seeing your beautiful work, and inspirational journey. wow!

Becky Drees said...

A lovely depiction of the Berkshires!

JudyMackeyart said...

Sorry to be reading your post a little late. How cool is that to be meeting someone with the same name and someone who'd been forwarding your emails and what a great story of her buying your art.

I get Jeffery Mackey's mail - whomever he is. I don't know his email address but often send back to whomever sent the mail.


JudyMackeyart said...

Hi Carrie, Quoted you in my blog.
I like what you wrote! And I love this painting! (and the hurricane waves)
Happy painting,

carrie jacobson said...

Hi Becky and Judy - Thanks so much for your visit and your comments. It means a lot that you take the time to look and to speak. And how great that you quoted me, Judy! Cool!

carrie said...

Hi Carrie!

I am sorry I have been off-line lately... Things have been very busy lately. Plus, I haven't gotten ANY emails for you in weeks! I am just reading this post and it was a very nice read. The painting isn't up yet, but it will be... someday... once the holes in my floor are patched and there are wall again.

Hope you are well!