Saturday, August 8, 2009

Talkin' Bout My Generation

Oil on stretched canvas, 12x16

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I'm struck, as I always am, in snowy parts of New England, by how the old houses are so close to the road. It makes sense, really, considering horses and carriages and mountains, and mountains of snow - but what a sign of how our lives have changed!

These days, no one would build a rural house whose front stood 10 feet from the edge of the asphalt.

The house I painted here is newer, and sits in a ways from Route 93. But I was painting on the edge of the road, only feet from a gorgeous, huge, antique farmhouse. It was at the top of a hill so steep and long that the van shifted into low to climb it.

I think of that house on that hill in the winter, 200 years ago, and I think that our ancestors were far tougher and far braver than we are.

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