Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back Roads of Maine

Fryeburg Farm. Oil on canvas, 16x20, sold

Everyone has their favorite roads, and they all ask if I'd like to know. Sure! I'm always looking for a native's favorite views.

My aunt and uncle sent me on Route 113, from Denmark to Fryeburg and beyond. There are some lovely farms and farmhouses along this road, for sure, but they were not as plentiful as I'd hoped. Still, I found this one, and with a good place to pull off. It was great to be in the mountains again, too.

I wonder about what makes someone love a particular road. For me, I know, it is sometimes the road itself - the driving, really. Some roads are just fun to drive, and that's that. But I think that more often, there is one view on a road that makes that road special. I could hunt all day and not see that one sight. Sometimes, I think, you just have to see it with yourown eyes.

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