Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day at the beach

Fire District Beach. Oil on stretched canvas, 12x24

Thursday, Peter and I went to Weekapaug and then to the Fire District Beach, and the wind was blowing and the surf was churning way, way out, with a ferocity you usually see in big storms - but this was just a big blow, no clouds, no rain, just wind.

Friday, I went back, hoping to paint some surf. But the wind had changed. Now it was blowing out into the ocean. The waves and the surf had calmed, the sky was astonishingly clear, and the day brilliant and cold. I set up on a wooden walkway over the dunes, and I painted fast. I hung my paint bag from my easel as ballast, and held onto the canvas, which is one of those deep ones, too deep for the holder on the easel to grip. The bag kept blowing off, and I kept dropping my brushes. My palette was a sail in the wind.

But it was a good painting day, if a breathless one.

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Unknown said...

This is absolutely stunning Carrie! I think this is my favorite piece (so far) . Also thank you for the links, I'm going to check them out. HUGS!

r garriott said...

I'm with Sheila. I love this beach scene. Please triple the price, it is right up there with your best works of all time (thus far).