Thursday, February 26, 2009

First of a series, I hope

Church No. 1, Newent, Conn. Oil on deep-cradled gesso panel, 6x24
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I began this painting in January, on a 10x20 stretched canvas. I painted it first with the canvas vertical. The church was about halfway down, and was fairly large.

While there were a couple really cool areas in that painting, the work as a whole was a failure. It stands in the basement, where I can see it from my easel.

I knew that there was something in the painting, though I hadn't captured it. For starters, it was the first in what I hope, and have planned, will be a series of paintings of churches. I love churches. I love the way they sit on the land, so proud and so solid. Their planes tend to pick up light and shadows in a way that is definite and assertive and intriguing.

So I looked at the failed painting every day, and slowly, I began to understand why I didn't like it. As I began to understand the problems of that painting, this new one began to present itself.

This one is a whole lot more expensive than my average painting, but it is well worth it. Yes, in time, the price might come down. But for now, this painting has a feeling, an emotional essence, a draw that is beyond the power of most of my efforts to date, at least, my New England efforts. This painting has the impact of my paintings of the West (

As always, if you're really crazy about this painting, but you can't come up with the money right now, contact me ( and we will work it out.

Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

You did an awesome job with the line of the road and how it gently leads the eye up to that quaint church. Love it!

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you so much, Sheila! Your attention and comments mean a lot to me.

r garriott said...

It's really lovely, Carrie. I'm very fond of the long skinny compositions, too.