Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Squirrels... and calls for entry

Watch Hill Pier. Oil on stretched canvas, 8x24

The day got away from me a little, mostly because of squirrels.

I was set to head out to Westerly, to see Erika and whatever grandchildren were around, and then to paint, and then to head back to Groton to swim, when Peter called to me to look out the window.

Our "squirrel-proof" bird feeders hang on a maple just 10 feet from the house. One of the feeders is a clear plastic cylinder with a metal cage around it, and a small plate just beneath it. The seeds spill onto the plate, and the birds alight and eat from the plate.

When we got the feeder, it took the squirrels about six minutes to figure out that they could clamp their back feet onto the cage and hang upside down and grab seeds from the tray. They do this, and it's OK. There are plenty of seeds to go around.

But this morning, when Peter called me, I could barely believe my eyes. A squirrel had gotten the top off the feeder and was hanging upside down INSIDE the tube, stuffing seeds into his mouth with both hands. He did have to pull himself out of the tube and get upright to swallow. Otherwise, I have no doubt that that squirrel's gut would have grown enough during the day to wedge him into the tube.

I watched and laughed as the squirrel persisted. Birds lighted on the tray and ate, and another squirrel hung upside down on the outside of the cylinder and ate while his buddy hung inside, and before I knew it, time had passed.

So when I'd done my errands and made my visit, I was late setting up to paint. And once I started, I couldn't stop. The sky shone a pearly gray, and the ice on the bay softened as I painted. The reflections on the open water warmed in color and hue as I painted, and I ended up blowing off my swimming date and finishing the painting.

Here are a few opportunities coming up this week:

Deadline: Friday
Academy of Fine Arts Annual National Juried Art Competition
-- The Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg, Virginia announces a call to artists for its Annual National Juried Art Competition, held April 3-24, 2009. Cash Awards up to $2000. Juror: Sally Lamb Bowring. Open to U.S. residents, 18 years or older, working in the following disciplines: painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, fiber, glass, metal and mixed media. No photography accepted. All work submitted must be original (no reproductions), not done under supervision, not made from kits or patterns. All work must be suitably prepared for installation. Entries must have been completed after January 1, 2007, and not previously exhibited in a Lynchburg juried art show. $30 entry fee. Deadline: February 13, 2009. For prospectus, visit http://www.academyfinearts.com/gallery or send a SASE to: Academy of Fine Arts, 600 Main Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504. Questions? Please contact Ted Batt at tbatt@academyfinearts.com or call 434-528-3256.

Deadline: Friday
"Equality Virginia 20th Anniversary Art Show and Benefit"
-- Equality Virginia is accepting original works in all mediums for its 20th Anniversary Art Show and Benefit, March 13 - April 2, 2009 at the GCCR Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. Pieces should have a minimum value of $250 and be easily transportable. Submissions should be made to artshow@equalityvirginia.org in JPEG format by February 13, 2009. The pieces selected for the show will be included in the silent auction at the Commonwealth Dinner April 4, 2009. 75% of auction sale benefits Equality Virginia. $1250 in cash awards. Juror: Norman Goodwin. Visit http://www.equalityvirginia.org/artshow for more information. Questions? Please contact James Parrish at artshow@equalityvirginia.org

Deadline: Friday
Utah Ties - Juried Art Exhibition
(Posted: 1/26/09) -- The Central Utah Art Center (CUAC) in Ephraim, Utah announces a call to artists for "Utah Ties", a juried art exhibition held March 13 - April 8. Awards: $400/$200/$100. Juror: Moti Hasson. All Utah residents as well as artists with ties to Utah are invited to submit applications. $20 entry fee. Deadline: February 13, 2009. Download prospectus (PDF format) or send a SASE to: Utah Ties - Central Utah Art Center - 86 N Main St. Ephraim, UT 84627. Questions? Contact Jared Latimer at art@cuartcenter.org or 435-283-5110.

Deadline: Saturday, Feb. 14:
"4th Annual National Juried Competition and Exhibition" call for entries
(Posted: 11/6/08) -- The Katharine Butler Gallery announces a call to artists for the "4th Annual National Juried Competition and Exhibition", held April 15 - May 9, 2009 in Sarasota, Florida. Open to artists 18 years or older living in the United States. Original 2D and 3D artwork in any traditional medium, including fiber, ceramics, metal, and glass, except video. Work must have been completed within the last three years. Each artist may submit up to three entries, not to exceed 42" in any dimension, including frame. No giclee copies of any kind. 1st Place-$300 and 2nd Place-$200. Juror: Elaine Roy Slade. Deadline: February 14, 2009. Entry Fee: $25. Download Prospectus (PDF format) or send a SASE to: Katharine Butler Gallery, 1943 Morrill St., Sarasota, FL 34236. Questions? Please contact Chris Falk at falkc@kbutlergallery.com or call 941-955-4546.

Deadline: Saturday, Feb. 14:
"The 24th Tallahassee International" call for entries (Posted: 11/25/08) -- FSU Museum of Fine Arts announces a call to artists for "The 24th Tallahassee International", held August 24-September 27, 2009 in Tallahassee, Florida. Awards: 1st-$1000; 2nd-$500; color catalog. Juried by a panel of FSU College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance Faculty. Open to artists 18+ with all media eligible for consideration. $20.00 for 2 works. Deadline: February 14, 2009. For more information, visit http://www.mofa.fsu.edu/pages/participate/tallahasseeinternational.shtml or send a SASE to: Tallahassee International, 250 Fine Arts Bldg, PO Box 3061140, Tallahassee FL 32306-1140. Questions? Please contact Jean D. Young at jdyoung@fsu.edu or call 850-644-3906.

Deadline: Sunday
Dune Shack Residencies for Visual Artists, Writers & The Public
The Provincetown Community Compact, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2009 residency program for C-Scape & Fowler Dune Shacks. This novel program, which is a collaboration with the Cape Cod National Seashore, offers one and three week residencies for artists and the general public beginning in April 2009. A $500 fellowship and a three-week summer residency will be offered to one visual artist, and two one-week residencies for writers. No fee. Contact: www.thecompact.org Application deadline is February 15, 2009.

The Compact, a private non-profit tax exempt organization, was founded in 1993 by Jay Critchley to support the arts, environment and well being of Provincetown. It sponsors the annual Provincetown Swim for Life + Paddler Flotilla, set for September 12, 2009, and offers fiscal sponsorship for artist projects and grassroots community efforts. The Compact, P.O. Box 819. Provincetown, MA 02657 thecompact@comcast.net.
Contact: The Compact | | | thecompact@comcast.net

Deadline: Sunday
New Courtland Fellowship
The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA), in partnership with NewCourtland is pleased to offer Philadelphia area artists the opportunity to participate in an exciting, new, community-based fellowship. Through the NewCourtland Artist Fellowship, eight artists will be selected to bring innovative and engaging art-making to residents of the vast NewCourtland network (http://www.newcourtland.org). In order to apply, artists are asked to develop an intergenerational project that brings NewCourtland’s residents together with school age children/teens to create a meaningful experience and an exciting artistic project. Work created by residents and their school age partners during the 2009 Fellowship Program will be exhibited with the work of the artist fellows in a large, well publicized exhibition.

Accepted artists will receive a fellowship award of $2,500 (to be paid in two $1,250 installments). Once artists receive this award they will be responsible for conducting ten 1.5 hour workshops weekly for NewCourtland residents (10-15 residents) and their student partners (10-15 students). Artists will also be required to attend several preliminary meetings, one aging sensitivity training session and participate in the spring 2010 exhibition. http://www.cfeva.org/publications.aspx

For more details and an application please contact Genevieve Coutroubis at 215 546-7775 x11 or Genevieve@cfeva.org. Applications can be downloaded at http://www.cfeva.org/Publications/NewCourtlandApplication2009.pdf
Contact: Genevieve Coutroubis | 215 546-7775 x11 | www.cfeva.org/Publications/NewCourtlandApplication | Genevieve@cfeva.org

Deadline: Sunday
Salida Riverside Fine Arts Festival" call for entries
(Posted: 12/20/08) -- Salida Riverside Fine Arts Festival is open to all artists residing in the United States. All work must be the original work of the accepted artist. Media categories: Ceramic, Drawing, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Leather, Metal, Mixed Media , Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Wood. Visit www.salidaartfestival.com for details. Application is online at www.zapplication.org. Jury fee of $30. The festival will be held August 15 and 16, 2009 at Riverside Park, on the banks of the Arkansas River in Salida, Colorado. Deadline: February 15, 2009. Questions? Please contact Danna Tullis, Festival Director at mudlark@chaffee.net or (719)221-1566.

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