Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm melllting... I'm mellllting!

Reservoir. Oil on cradled gessoboard panel, 8x8. sold

The day dawned gray and warm, the snow still melting, but the ice in the yard hard and slippery. An hour after the sun came up, the wind came up, too, howling and screaming in from the ocean. It blew limbs down, buffeted my car around, tossed grit across parking lots and generally made it impossible to paint outside.

So I found refuge in my basement studio, and painted the melting reservoir I'd tried to capture the other day. I like the way the reflections shine in the water standing on the still-frozen ice. I like the way the ice slush floats on that water. And I like the light in the sky, and in the reflections on the reservoir.

I think the painting should perhaps be more complex than it is... I think it's not completely clear that the water on top of the ice is a puddle, not an open space. But I think it's going to take a live session to make that visible.

So if it's not blowing a hurricane tomorrow, and if the reservoir has neither frozen solid nor melted fully, I'll station myself at its edge and give it another go.

On an entirely different note, neither of the paintings I entered to be juried for the Connecticut Regional Artists Show was accepted. But both of Peter's photographs were!

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MHFiler said...

Dang this is a great piece, really I love this one.