Friday, February 20, 2009

Wishful thinking

Last Snow? Oil on stretched canvas, 11x14
please contact me for price and shipping/delivery info

It sure feels like this winter should be over, but it's not. The night turned cold, the rain turned to snow, and I woke to see everything covered in white again.

Still, there's a different quality to the light. And dawn comes much, much earlier these days. It seems to hasten in leaps and bounds, and that feels hopeful and heartening.

I was looking at the blog of R. Garriott ( a painter of gorgeous flowers, among other things... A painting on her site led me to the work of Taryn Day ( and something that she wrote - it doesn't really matter what, and I can't remember anyways - made me look out the window and see, as if for the first time, the scene just beyond the pane.

It's nothing, really, just a tangle of trees and brambles, a stone wall and our neighbor's house in the distance. But the morning sun was slicing through the grove, and leaving streaks of shadow and light on the new-fallen snow - and I knew that this thing I've been looking for the past week was here. I ran down into the basement and grabbed my stuff and hauled it upstairs and painted in a frenzy -

And there is something in this painting. Something in the shadows, in the texture, in the play of light - the next step, it's here.

Thanks for reading!

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James Parker said...

Delightful, Carrie. I've been reading about all the snow y'all have been getting up there while I bask in the warmth. You capture it nicely