Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reservoir Night

Reservoir Night. Oil on stretched canvas, 6x12

I woke this morning to find that Bank Street No. 2 had sold. It was my first sale of a painting from this blog, and it was purchased by an unemployed friend. Even though this friend is without a job, she has now bought two of my paintings - as many as anyone in the universe. I am remarkably touched by this.

Honestly, every time someone buys a painting of mine, I am moved. I create these things, I put my soul and my being into each of them, and then I send them out onto the blog, into the universe.

They're formed well, or they are formed slightly. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't work so very well. The ones I feel are true failures, no one sees. The ones that succeed only because they have one idea, or one stroke, or one edge that I like, they live for a while, and then, generally, I paint over them.

My paintings are on the blog and on the jacobson-arts website, and on the Hygienic site ( They've been in galleries and in contests, in one museum and in Noah's restaurant. And they're in people's homes.

I like that these things I've created have ended up in a bedroom or hallway or dining room of a family's house, that this painting is now a part of a different life, another life. Children will grow up with it, friends will see it, it might be given away or handed down or sold, and some day, someone will wonder where that painting was painted, and why, and how it came to hang there. And with luck, someone will remember, and tell the story.

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Unknown said...

This is my favorite by far Carrie! It holds a lot of emotion for me.