Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy spring!

First Breath of Spring. Oil on stretched canvas, 10x20. sold

I really like this painting. I stood in the warm sun on our back porch and painted the yard I'd painted so many times this winter. In those winter paintings, it was covered with snow, but today, the snow just melted away. You could almost see it going.

The sun shone through the bare limbs of the trees in the grove, and that sun was bright and warm and clear, nothing like winter's thin threads of light. Birds sang and swooped onto the feeder, and yesterday's squirrels must have been assaulting someone else's store of seeds.

I like the vertical feel of the painting, and the way the light splashes on the greening ground. I like the edge of snow and the shadows that lengthen on it. I like the blue sky and the way the sun plays on the trees just visible in the background.

I lunched today with a friend from high school; I haven't seen her in decades. We reunited by accident outside the Lighthouse Gallery in Groton, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk with her today and share the paths our lives have taken. I continue to feel that I'm on the lip of something big and good and positive, and all these experiences are part of it.

Thanks for reading!


MHFiler said...

OOOh, this one is georgeous, I love the colors. You are a genius!!!

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you so much! I'm no genius, but I get lucky sometimes!