Monday, February 16, 2009

New skills

Flowers. Oil on masonite, 4x4

I had real trouble photographing this still life - but I had fun painting it.

These five - count 'em, five! - pots of flowers were sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for me on Valentine's Day. There was a card, too, that played music. Woodreau, the little bichon, was scared to death of the card. But then, he's afraid of me when I'm wearing a hat.

I set the flowers up on the dining room table, and painted in the afternoon sun. I shot my first batch of photos last night, and finally gave up, to try again this morning. Looks like this is the best I'm going to get, in spite of all sorts of Photoshop work.

Painting a still life seems to use a different set of skills, at least in me. Everything from setting it up, to seeing it clearly, to painting it - you'd think these might just be indoor versions of the skills I've been developing outdoors, but apparently, they're not.

But then, writing a play takes a whole different set of skills than writing a news story does. Why would I think art was any different?


Unknown said...

AAaaaah.... someone really loves the Carrie....

Woodreau is just extra sensitive so don't give him a bad time [though it is kind of funny that he is afraid of you just because you put on a hat]

Maybe he thinks some kind of monster is trying to leach onto your head.

carrie jacobson said...

Oh, Sheila, you are a good, good art friend! Woody is just afraid of everything that is new or different. I've been like that at times, myself!

r garriott said...

Hi Carrie,
Boy you're right there; sometimes it takes as much time to set up a still life as it does to paint it! I ususally try and set up enough shots for at least half a dozen paintings. I get very impatient taking photos.

All those flowers! You lucky lady.

p.s., I sent you an email but from a different email address; so if you don't get it check your spam.