Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scratching the surface

Lantern Hill Lake. Oil on stretched canvas, 12x16

In the cold of the boat-launch ramp at Lantern Hill Lake yesterday, I reached for the next rung in my painting ladder. It has something to do with shadows, I think, and something to do with some kind of lacy veil I need to pull over the sharpness of certain parts of my paintings.

As I was driving to the lake yesterday, I got a whiff of where I'm going with this, and in my mind's eye, I caught a glimpse of how these paintings will look. This one doesn't capture that feeling fully, or even mostly, though places in it bring me a certain sense of ease, and so I am hopeful.

I have climbed another technical mountain, and managed to add a "buy now" button to my blog. This means that if a painting strikes you, and you'd really like to have it, and make sure no one else gets it, you can buy it right there, using a credit card or pay pal.

So far, I have not sold a single painting directly from this blog. I have posted paintings that I've sold in real life, but none that I've offered for sale here has resonated strongly enough with you readers to prompt you to purchase. And if that's the case, that's fine. My painting is evolving, and part of that process involves me finding out what motivates and moves collectors and would-be collectors.

But if the issue has been that it's been difficult or awkward to figure out how to buy a painting, well, that problem is solved.

If you buy a painting from the blog, it will, in general, arrive unframed; I post them here on the day I paint them, or a day or two after. If you buy one, and you live in mailing distance, it will be a week or so until the painting is dry enough to send through the mail. If you buy a pastel, it will arrive framed.

I've put "buy now" buttons on paintings back through the middle of January. I will extend the buttons backwards as I have time. If you want a painting from earlier, just let me know and I will enable the transaction!


Unknown said...

I love the colors and brushstrokes for the puppy painting you made but I LOVE this painting. The sky is awesome and the scene is so serene.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks so much, Sheila! I have reworked it some, and am happier with it - I'll post the revised version later today. I loved the third dog in your series, too.

James Parker said...

Like Sheila, I love the colors and the sky indeed is great. It has the frigid appearance of the last vestiges of clouds as a cold Norther departs for Southern climes.