Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fostering Art

Gray Day
Oil on stretched canvas, 20x20,


A couple months ago, a friend forwarded an email from Fostering Arts, a group in Foster, R.I., that helps all sorts of artists get their work out to the public.

Right now, thanks to the efforts of Kim McHale, the PR person for the group, paintings of mine are hanging in a suite of doctors' offices in East Greenwich, R.I. Two more paintings are on their way to Foster Old Home Days. In Rhode Island, old home days are really small-town fairs, celebrating everything that's wonderful about these burgs.

There's plenty that's wonderful about Foster. It's beautiful, very rural, and very much unspoiled, even though it's only about a half an hour from Providence. When you drive around, you see horses in people's back yards, and woodsheds already brimming with logs for the coming winter. You see gardens and waterfalls and beautiful, open fields. I stopped just outside downtown Foster (that would be the fire station) and made this painting. I think three cars passed me.


Unknown said...

Cool program but WOW!! Carrie this painting ROCKS! The clouds, the grass/hay swirl and endulate reminiscent of Van Gogh but with your unique modern take. Bravo!

A girl I know said...

It is beautiful moment from my awesome little town, thanks!

carrie jacobson said...

Sheila, thanks so for your comment and also for your constant attention. How I appreciate you! And Kim, thanks for your words, too. And what a lovely poem! I'm going to go back and read the rest of your blog.